21st Birthday Ideas

Posted by Greg on July 4, 2011 under 21st Birthday Ideas | Comments are off for this article

Need 21st Birthday ideas? Vegas, baby! I mean, is there really any other choice? Turning 21 signifies you are entering the realm of legal drinking, and what better place to party than Sin City? You can get booze 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and after all isn’t that what turning 21 is all about? Getting drunk?

All kidding aside, Vegas is a fantastic spot to enjoy your 21st birthday. But to be straight with you, it can be a little too much for a lot of people, especially kids that have never been exposed to never ending free liquor. So if not a trip to Vegas, what other ideas are there for celebrating adulthood? There are plenty of things you can do to on your 21st birthday that don’t involve drinking so much liquor that you forget how much fun you had.
A great idea is to organize a special dinner with your friends or possible your parents. Choose a very nice restaurant that has a full bar and serves a nice variety of wines. Do a little homework before you go and you can impress everyone by asking for the wine list and ordering a nice bottle for the table. Or if you’re just not in to vino, order a colorful that you’ve never had before. In either case, when the server asks for your ID, calmly remove it from your pocket and present it with confidence and a smile. The server will almost always wish you a happy birthday.

If dinner is not your thing, maybe you can consider a wine-tasting tour? Wineries have popped up everywhere and there is probably one nearby. Most wineries will offer packages that include a limo picking you and your guests up and providing transportation to and from so that no one has to drink and drive.
As common as wineries, micro-breweries can be found all around as well. Most breweries will have at least one day each week where they open up to the public for tastings. Think of this as an orientation to beer. You’ll be able to sample several different flavors, in small amounts, to find out what style of beer you prefer. After all, you’re 21 now and you never want to be that person that says “I’ll take what she’s drinking”, only to find out its a fruity tasting wheat beer. Knowledge is king, and a brewery tour is a classroom full of beer.
If none of these ideas sound great, you can always just do what the majority of brand new 21 year olds do… Let your friends take you out to a pub and pour way too many cocktails down your throat. The outcome will be a night of pain that you probably have never felt before, and the hangover the next day will be legendary. But know that you are not alone and that this rite of passage has been shared by many, and even though you might not remember much…it will be a night you never forget.

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