21st Birthday Party Ideas

Posted by Greg on July 4, 2011 under 21st Birthday Ideas, Party Ideas | Comments are off for this article

This year my younger brother will be turning 21 and has asked me if I had any 21st birthday ideas for him. It’s been a long time since I turned 21 so I really had to think about what to suggest. I’m the older brother so I’m supposed to have all the answers, right? I decided to supply him a list of ideas.

The first suggestion I made to him was to hire a party bus and take a bunch of friends on the ultimate pub crawl. If you can get a dozen friends to chip in, the cost of hiring a party bus is very reasonable. But by far the greatest part of this idea is that everyone gets home safe without having to drive, because we all know there will be a lot of partying going on! To make the event go smooth I recommended that he contact several clubs in advance to make arrangements to host a larger party, and perhaps get a discount on any cover charges. Some places will accommodate you, others will not, but a little pre-planning could go a long way.

The next suggestion I made was to host a private concert. My brother is a fan of music from the eighties, and lucky for him many artists from that era have reformed and can actually be contracted to play private parties for very affordable fees. Booking agents for these artists are easy to locate, and there are tons of live music venues that might even help cover the fee in exchange for being able to sell additional tickets if necessary. This idea might be a little more expensive, but it will be extremely memorable.

The final recommendation I had was a reverse surprise birthday party. My idea was for him to invite a group of his friends to a “small” gathering at his home or a restaurant, and as each guest arrives.”Surprise!” Everyone likes to visit with friends you didn’t expect to see, and this kind of surprise party will surely put everyone in a great mood. Since everyone goes in with the expectation of an intimate party there shouldn’t be much pressure to do too much partying.

In the end, my brother will probably do what all little brothers do and completely tune out the advice from his older, wiser brother, and do something altogether different. Either way, I was more than happy to share some ideas with him and I can’t wait to spend this milestone birthday with him. Hopefully some of these suggestions will inspire you as well.

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